Past English Debates

Thursday, March 11 2019
11. Debate: This house would implement a quota in the German parliament for politicians younger than 30 years.
Thursday, March 7 2019
10. Debate: This house would implement the program "redemption through reading" in Germany.
Thursday, February 21 2019
10. Debate: In countries with few female politicians, this House believes it is good to have a politically active ‘first lady’.
Thursday, February 7 2019
9. Debate: This house would prefer a world where wealth is seen as shameful.
Thursday, January 24 2019
8. Debate: This house believes that the present condition of humanity is better than it would be in 100 years time.
Thursday, January 10 2019
7. Debate: This house believes that developing countries should privatise their state-owned enterprises (e.g. airlines, railways, utility companies).
Thursday, December 6 2018
6. Debate:
This house prefers a world in which the Socrates machine exists.
Thursday, November 22 2018
5. Debate:
This house would introduce a compulsory one-year community service.
Thursday, November 8th 2018
4th Debate:
This house regrets the depiction of suicide in movies, television and series.
Thursday, October 18th 2018
3rd Debate:
THW lift all veto powers of individual EU member states in the European Council.

Thursday, October 4th 2018

2nd Debate:
THW establish open peer review instead of double blind peer review as standard in science.

Thursday, September 20th 2018

1st Debate:
THB that Danish newspapers should not have published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

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